Friday, 7 March 2008

7th March 2008


I should have known better than to imply this morning that the garden was boring at the moment. Once the stratus clouds lifted and the sun came out I explored and found all sorts of interesting things including the first Tulip of the year.

The Hyacinths are well out already.

And in the tubs the Primulas and Primroses have been out throughout the winter but the birds now seem to have stopped picking at them so they are looking much better.

Under the hedge the Cowslips are coming out. I love them.

In the middle pond a male frog of a fair size is waiting for the females to appear. When picked up to check he was a male and not a female (though with its slim body there wasn’t much doubt) he croaked pleasantly at me. A couple of years ago we had about a dozen of them really croaking loudly and it was a tremendous sound.

Although I have seen frogs previously this year this is the first one that has appeared ‘naturally’ – i.e. without being disturbed while weeding or cleaning out ponds.

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