Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Bindweed and Great Willowherb
And Teasels all in a row.

After six weeks away the gardens are a bit overgrown. It has obviously been super growing weather and the absence of early pruning and weeding has allowed it to go a bit berserk. Paths are hidden and ponds are overgrown but nothing that a few days out there won't cure. At least the grass has been kept cut by Jo so the overall effect is one of lush abundance rather than untidiness.

There will be plenty of plants (and hopefully wildlife) to do blog postings about in the next few weeks but as a starter here is a Ceanothus which is looking great despite being swamped by a mint that is five feet tall.

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  1. Welcome home Mr. Edwards. Here on the other side (almost) of the world we continue to look forward to your posts. Sorry to see your Hebridean sabatical end, but we look forward to the next chapter.

    Scott Gilmore


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