Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Hosta francee

Most of my Hostas are either in the shade of the front wall of the house (which faces North) or under the trees of the back hedge. Those by the wall tend to be kept clear of slugs and snails by the surrounding gravel. At one time those under the hedge were kept OK by the Hedgehogs eating the slugs and snails – the Hedgehog home was right by the Hostas. either this year the Hedgehogs have moved on or they are not doing their job properly.

The above photo was taken in July 2005. The ones below were taken the other day and it was hardly possible to find a single leaf that hadn’t been chewed.

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  1. We have 3 hostas in our garden. Two of them haven't got so much as a single bite and the other is a bunch of stringy bits that used to be leaves. The one that's been eaten is in the area in which we have slow worms - where I would expect the fewest slugs to be. Wish I could work out what's going on!


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