Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Front Hedge

The front hedge looked lovely but had got totally out of hand. At 12 to 14 feet tall it was completely unmanageable.

So we have had it cut back to 8 feet tall. Still a major task to keep it in order but any lower and the birds might have deserted it. Lets just hope all the bare bits grow back out again.


  1. wow, that makes quite a difference! I bet that created a few trailer loads of cuttings.

  2. We have a similar dilemma here in Massachusetts. Two of our hedges are now tall enough to require a cherry-picker truck if we want to trim the tops. If we don't do it soon, the heavy snows we get will break them and they'll have to be taken down which we don't want to do. Mac may be setting up his tallest ladders soon...

  3. Hedges are good at recovering. I bet you get a lot more light now!


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