Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Early April

Some early April sights:-

Lesser Celandine - a garden variety.




Weeping Willow

Mount Hood Daffodil

Frogspawn appeared on 9th April.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous photos. I particularly like the one of the violets. You can practially feel the velvet of the petals and smell the clean cool damp fragrance. Violets were my mother's favourite flower, and we always looked forward to the first bouquet of violets every spring, tucked into a small vase or china tea cup. Even after all these years, seeing the violets still makes me smile and think of her. Thanks for sharing, love, Canadian Chickadee

  2. There are several flowers I don't recall having seen before, like the cowslips -I like their form(shape). And the violets are such a deep purple, only for that color I would like them in my yard (but I have none now, only a deck:) ).


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