Sunday, 2 August 2009

Back in the Garden

I left home on 1st May and returned on 28th July. Constant rainfall and other commitments meant it was 30th July before I got out into the garden. In just three months it has almost gone wild. The wild flower border seems to have moved from the back garden to the front!

One of the wild flowers that has come up in the normal borders is Knapweed. I have never managed to grow it in the wild flower garden and now it pops up in among the garden flowers. At least it is one of the more welcome ‘weeds’.

Teasel also crop up in some unexpected places when the Goldfinches don’t manage to eat all the seeds. But, like the Knapweed, they are welcome invaders providing food for insects as well as birds.

The Japanese Anemones are reliable and lengthy flowerers.

A Speckled Wood and a Large White were the first butterflies I saw during the brief patch of sunshine.

Field Scabious or Pin-cushion Flower is one of my favourite wild flowers in the garden. I bought some this year and they seem to have done well.

Jo got some red Geraniums for the kitchen window box and they have done really well.

The Grass Garden is buried in Nettles, Willowherbs, Welsh Poppies and Self-heal. Weeding it and cutting back the hedges around it will be one of my first priorities.

There are lots of yellow Welsh Poppies around the garden and some orange Californian Poppies. I love their tissue paper petals.

Mallow petals also have that thin papery appearance.

Most of the lilies are over but this one was only planted this year and has flowered later than the others.

I haven’t had much luck keeping Dahlias from one year rto the next but I hope I succeed with this one which was planted earlier this year.

This is another wild flower I planted - Mullein.

The Queen Elizabeth Rose has done well despite the lack of fertilizer.

The mice dug up most of the Freesia bulbs this Spring but this is one they missed.

This beautiful Calla Lily seems to have managed well despite the three months of neglect. Jo and Richard did some watering of the garden when I first went away but God (or Darwin – or both) took over the job after a while and has kept it up ever since.


  1. Welcome back! I love the pin-cushion flowers - Scabiosa is such an un-lovely name for a pretty plant! Enjoy the zen of gardening.

  2. Lovely, but that flower doesn't look anything like what I call a Japanese anemone (though the leaf looks similar). What's the scientific name please?

  3. They are all really beautiful! The Queen Elizabeth Rose is just gorgeous. If this is what your garden looks like untended, I wish I had seen it when you were!!!

  4. Hello Helen, It is Anemone x hybrida 'Serenade' and came from Ness Gardens. It spreads well so if you want any and I haven't already given you some...

  5. Thank you. What I think of as a Japanese anemone: Anemone hupehensis has very different flowers to Anemone hybrida, but both are described as Japanese anemones on the web. Interesting!

  6. I was only away 2 weeks and my garden went a bit mad! Hope you get things sorted soon.


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