Friday, 28 August 2009

A Catch-up

This is a catch-up posting on some of the things in the garden earlier in August. Sensibly, most of the insects have stayed hidden from the cold, damp breezy yuck that is our British August.




Chinese Balloon Flower

One exception to the insect dearth has been the large number of wasps and honey bees. The former is nothing unusual as we do have years of plenty every now and then. But Honey Bees have become so rare around here now as to be noticeable. This year they have flocked to the Buddleia and the Marjoram; I wonder if someone locally has a hive?

This is the hoverfly Volucella pellucens. The second photo shows it hovering.

“Look out! There’s a cat about.

Goldfinches on the niger seed feeder. (Taken through the window – hence the haziness.)

Sorry Helen, haven’t had time to check which grass this is. Perhaps you know off hand but if not I’ll probably post a comment with its name at some stage.

A frog in one of the ponds.

I took a lot more flower photos later in the month so I’ll post them another day.


  1. What lovely photos. I particularly like the bouquet of freesias. They were my sister-in-law's favourite flowers; she used them in her wedding bouquet. Sadly she died last year as a result of head injuries suffered in a truly horrific fall down a steep steep street in White Rock, BC.
    The Canadian Chickadee

  2. The grass looks like Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus - not one that I have.

  3. I think that grass is zebra grass. i have some!


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