Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lesser Yellow Underwing

The Lesser Yellow Underwing is a very common species in our garden.  This one took refuge in the shed.  While I was rescuing it I decided to try to get a picture or two of its colourful hindwings.


  1. I'm trying to understand: are you saying that this butterfly has 4 wings?

  2. This is actually a moth, Jeanette (despite its bright colours - quite a few moths are much brighter than many people think) and yes, it does have four wings as do all moths and butterflies. Quite often the hindwings are hidden underneath the forewings. In the case of this moth the idea is that it is well camouflaged - a dull brown - when at rest but flashes bright yellow/orange as it flies. I think the yellow is to deter predators which associate that colour with things that sting and bite.


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