Friday, 30 July 2010

Moths from a moth night

These moths were taken in my moth trap on the night of 26th / 27th June.

Buff Ermine

Dark Arches

Double Square Spot

Dusky Brocade


Garden Carpet


Grey Chi

Heart and Dart

Hebrew Character

Ingrailed clay

Map-winged Swift

Marbled Beauty

Mottled Beauty

Riband Wave

The Uncertain

Willow Beauty


  1. Wonderful! When you place them on flowers do they not fly away because they're sluggish during the day?

  2. Species, and to some extent, individuals, vary. Most will stay still - some needing to shake their wings for a while to warm up before flying; others will crawl away to find somewhere to hide. You can, however, guarantee that one of the most interesting-looking ones will be out of the trap and over the rooftops before you've even had a chance to identify it.

  3. You have quite a variety! They are lovely!! I have just recently started looking closer at moths.

  4. great post thanks


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