Thursday, 17 April 2008

Wednesday, 16th April 2008


We have a beautiful St Lucie Cherry, planted by the previous owners. Unfortunately it hides behind the shed, the Lilac and the Spruce and can only be seen to its best advantage from the bedroom window.

Some close-ups of the St Lucie Cherry.

This little Viola is called Princess. So appropriate. Given the choice between Pansies and Violas I would always choose Violas because they survive for a few years whereas one is lucky to get a Pansy to last more than one year. We have a few of these little Violas around the garden. They began life in a pot and got separated by accident but seem to have survived alright.

It is not possible to see the winter sunset from our house because one end has no windows. The sun is just now creeping into view at the end of the day.

Centring the camera on the sun so altered the exposure that tonight’s sunset colours were greatly exaggerated but the result looks so good I couldn’t resist showing it.

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