Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Gap

This is the gap in the front hedge that loss of the Fuchsia created last winter. Just clearing out the dead wood has been a massive job and I've left some in there to act as a support to a Clematis montana 'Freda' that I've bought to help fill in the hole as quickly as possible. To my surprise, in clearing out the dead wood I eventually came across the bottom of the main trunk and there were some new shoots growing from it so the plant itself has survived. Just twenty years to wait for it to fill in the hole again.

Fuchsia genii

Fuchsia Dr Foster

I also bought a Fuchsia genii and a Fuchsia Dr Foster to help with the gap filling. I also have a successful cutting of Viburnum plicatum which I shall add when I can reach the spot I want to plant it. That's still buried behind more dead wood!

While at the nursery I bought another Fuchsia (F. hatschbachii) and it was my original intention to replace the Solanum with it. Jo has since mentioned how much she also liked the Solanum so for the moment I shall leave the space there in the hope of replacing it.

I also got two more Clematis and their future location has yet to be decided.

Clematis 'Bonanza'

Clematis 'Arabella'

I was thinking of having one by the front door. There was a climbing plant there (before our time) and the trellis still remains. But the spot gets no sun at all. Would a Clematis flower there I wonder? I think I'll keep one in its pot for a year or two and let it grow up the trellis. If it fails to flower I can then move it.


  1. If there's space in the ground by the fuchsias you could put in a buddleia or 2 to fill the height while the fuchsias grow. I just took out 2 of our buddleias and they weren't at all difficult to remove (Ian just pulled one of them straight out of the ground!)

    Our clematis does really well by the front door. It does get a little sun in the early morning, but not much because there's the big concrete slab above it that runs over our front door and bay window. Definitely worth a try in the shade.

  2. Thanks Helen - Buddleias are a great idea.

    I shall certainly try the Clematis. I recall yours and had forgotten it was in the shade.

  3. I've just added a couple of Buddleia and the Alder Buckthorn which Helen gave me and which was destined for the back garden but for which I couldn't find room.

  4. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing it all when we next visit.


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