Friday, 13 March 2009


or is it Croci?

Whatever the plural of crocus may be, these were outside the library in the sun on Thursday 12th March.


  1. Dont' know what the "rule" is, but with the plural of the word "museum" I thought that there is a choice: museums or musea (the last is the latin ending)- or is that only in Dutch - I'm getting confused now too - haha -crocuses sound good to me, and they are pretty!

    PS. Are you going to plant the plants (to the right) you want for the garden? Last Sunday afternoon we cleared a corner of the yard -my hubby that is, because I have carpel tunnel;no strength to pull the weeds - but now there is bare soil that begs to be planted with "something!" Good chatting with you!

  2. Yes, I'm aiming to plant the ones on the right this year - I've made a start with the Schizostylis now I have to find the others.

    Sorry about your wrists but maybe it's one time you can play the 'glad game' about it and be glad it's your husband who has to do the pulling.


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