Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunrise in Gills Lane

It was bitterly cold when I went out this morning for a very early stroll to watch the sun rise down Gills Lane.

Well worth the effort, I felt.

The warm colours of the early morning sun made the hedgerows really golden and shiny.

Among the birds seen were a few Magpies and a lone Curlew that bubbled away as it rose in the air

This Wren was wonderfully camouflaged in the bushes but gave itself away by its loud and cheerful song.


  1. What a lovely stroll I just took. You have many other places where you reside in Blogland. I finally figured out how to stop by and say hello. I'm sorry it took me a while to leave my neighborhood behind and come find friendly beings.

  2. Your photos of the sunrise are wonderful and it does not look to be cold but I believe you.

  3. Unlike Cheshire Wife I could feel the chill. But then when I'm sitting at 27 deg perhaps that's not a surprise.


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