Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Garden Centres and their Shops

On Saturday Jo and I went to the nurseries on the top Chester road. We began at Burton nurseries which has a retail shopping mall in it. There is a brilliant rock, mineral and crystal shop there. We spent ages choosing a present for a friend, some stones for Jo, a Mother’s day present for Jo, and a bracelet for me. I thought I might be able to magnetise the bracelet (haemetite) as it is supposed to be good for pain relief. I’m not sure whether the one I bought is pure haemetite (which cannot be magnetised) or is actually ferrite (which most alleged haemetite jewellery is – and can be magnetised) but it looks OK and only cost £4.60 – less than a packet of pain killers!

If you have £3,000 to spare you can get this pair of amethyst geodes.

Then we went into Gordale and had a coffee and a cake before choosing lots of Dahlias and other late flowering corms and bulbs and getting some vegetable and sweet pea seeds.

After that we went to the pet shop in the water garden centre. We were after a very uninspiring cat litter scoop but they were too expensive. I’m sure the local pet shop will have one at half the price. I don’t mind spending money but I do object to wasting it. The pet shop did provide a brilliant number of marine fish and corals to be photographed and I spent ages doing so before we looked at tanks and I dreamed about the idea of owning an aquaria again.

Unfortunately many of the fish were not labelled but some I recognised or could identify from the Internet.

Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish

Green-spotted Mandarin Goby

Copper-banded Butterfly Fish

Clown Anglerfish

Dogface Pufferfish


  1. Hey, Gordale and Burton nurseries are just up the road from me.

  2. OK Cheshire Wife! I just hope I don't meet Del Boy there!

  3. Burton Nurseries has closed down


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