Monday, 20 April 2009

Water Features

Apart from the various ponds we have two water features in the garden. This is one I made. It makes a pleasant pouring noise as the water runs from the jug into the stones and down inside the pot from whence it is pumped back up again.

We fell for, and bought, this water feature a few months before we bought the house and the garden centre stored it for us.

This water feature was used by a pair of frogs to lay spawn earlier in the year.

There are now a lot of active tadpoles in it.

The other day there was a Common Frog in there – probably displaying his cannibalistic tendencies. I scooped him out. Can you guess what he’s looking at?

Another frog – but not a real one!

Yesterday a Smooth Newt was in there – no doubt also feeding on the poor tadpoles.

This brave tadpole was playing with fire!


  1. Uh-oh, war in paradise:, but it gave you some good pics LOL

  2. Do frogs eat tadpoles??? I'm jealous of your newt and I love your pebbly water feature...

  3. Yes CG - I regret to say that according to a childen's book I used to read to my girls (called Frog's Pond and illustrated by Marjorie Blamey - can't recall the author) the biggest enemies of Tadpoles are their Mummies and Daddies. Life's hard when you're tiny!


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