Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tuesday 6th May 2008

Ruthin via the Old Bwlch

GB took me for splendid day out into N Wales on Tuesday. We were aiming for Llangollen but began by going over the Old Bwlch to Ruthin for coffee. This rather upset GB’s Garmin (in future to go by the name of Maddy for the purposes of this Blog) which wanted us to go via Wrexham. One could almost hear the exasperation in her tone as she kept saying “Go left” and I fully expected her to come out with “For Heaven’s sake are you deaf!!” at one stage.

We stopped at the top of the Bwlch, where the Offa’s Dyke path and the path up Moel Fammau meet, and photographed the view down into the Vale of Clwyd and Ruthin.

Going over the Old Bwlch we reminisced about the time GB took Tom Leatherbarrow on a driving lesson over here with Tom’s mother and I in the back. Mrs Leatherbarrow kept chunnering away about what would happen if we went over the edge, despite which Tom managed to maintain his confidence and concentrate well enough for us not to plunge over the edge to our deaths!

At Ruthin I photographed the Old Court Ouse (built 1401) before we had coffee in the café of the Siop Nain which was once inhabited by Isaac Clarke (printer and publisher, 1824 to 1875). The service at the Siop Nain was exemplary but the crossword was not and had to be partially abandoned until lunchtime.

Before leaving Ruthin we looked around an attic sale where GB bought a rather super Japanese tea / coffee set.

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