Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tuesday 6th May 2008

Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen

Built at the very beginning of the thirteenth century…. (While writing this we have just had a debate about whether you can have a very beginning!) … Valle Crucis Abbey was founded by the Cistercians and survived until Henry VIII melted it…. (or was it dissolved it - something like that.)

The site is a tribute to Welsh National Heritage. For many years the ruins have been covered in scaffolding and looked generally unsightly. Now they have been made safe and are open to the public for a modest fee. (Is a modest fee one that won’t tell you how much it is?)

A couple of the resident Swallows:-

On the way home we stopped at Loggerheads where a short walk yielded a carrion beetle of the Thanatophilus genus - probably T. sinuatus.

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