Sunday, 11 May 2008

Wednesday 7th May 2008

The journey North.
GB and I set off, aiming for Fort William, on the leisurely run North up the M6, passing cars, trains and, of course, the occasional Eddie Stobart lorry. The trees we passed varied from still naked to fully clothed in fresh green leaves.

We headed over Shap and stopped in Penrith for coffee and for me to take the usual range of photos. There is a very good greengrocers in the centre of town and apart from the fact that their goods are high quality they also look good on their pavement display.

From Penrith we headed over Beattock above which the clouds were floating fleecy and free.

Then we continued up the A74 / M74 into Glasgow where the street furniture along the Great Western Road is well worth photographing if the opportunity presents itself.

At this time of year, the next stage, the Dumbarton road, is mile after mile of blossom.

We stopped for a break at Luss where some birch species in the car park have the most splendid bark. I can think of no ther genus of trees, apart possibly from the Acers, that has such a range of barks.

It is almost a pathological habit for me to photograph letter boxes as I pass so the one at Luss - a George VI ‘Ludlow’ box received attemntion as usual. Even though I was reasonably sure it could already be found on my letterbox webpages.

We walked into the village and had coffee and a cake in the Coach House Coffee Shop where we were served by the same bekilted (or is it enkilted) chap as last year.

Out on the road again we travelled next to Loch Lomond along what must surely be one of the most beautiful roads in all of the UK.

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